Associate & HR Login

LBrands ACES have two prototypes of login portals for their employees as of the distinctive one for the HR connection and employee connection. All the companies’ human resources departments can relate to their own ACES ETM account and access and maintain the employee’s database through the online portal.

Employees can upload their own data and avail of certain benefits on the portal offered by the Limited Brand respectively. Each LBrands ACES employee has a different type of ACES ETM card. It depends on the rank and position, which is reflected in the ACES ETM account dashboard information.

Access To The Employees:-

  • Visit the official site of the ACES ETM Employee Login portal.
  • In the Username field, enter the registered employee ID and the attached password provided. Make sure that the employee ID must be 6 to 7 digits long and you must ignore “0” at the beginning.
  • DM and Central Office Employees and Managers: In the Username field, enter your network ID and password.
  • Click on the “Submit” tab once you re-check the data entered.
  • Once employees have successfully logged in they will have to change the default password for their respective.

For The HR Executives:-

  • Go to the official site at
  • In the relevant tab, mention the network ID instead of “Username”.
  • Enter the particularized password in the subsequent section.
  • Click the Next tab to proceed with the ACES ETM Login process.
  • If the login credentials are correct then the executives will be given access to the ACES ETM HR login portal.
  • Like the employee login, the HR login portal will be in need of changing the password.
  • After changing the account password, login with the altered details and a new network ID.

ACES ETM is an official ACES Login page of Limited Brands Inc. Employees can hereby view their working hours, timesheets, payroll, employee benefits, and other company updates through the ACES ETM Employee Login portal.