Contact Details

ACES ETM is the official employee login portal for the Limited Brands employees. While accessing the ACES ETM Employee portal if there is a technical issue, then with the STS number respective employee must contact the HR departments with the details mentioned hereby.

However, employees may still have questions, comments, and even complaints about other staff or issues related to employment that they wish to communicate by other means. Here is the listing of several alternative contact points for LBrands employees who have issues with the ACES ETM portal.

Contact Limited Brands Human Resources Department

If employees are having trouble with their ACES ETM Account password, call 1-877-415-7911
The phone numbers for Limited Brand Human Resources departments are

  • HR USA Limited Brands – 1-866-473-4728
    HR Canada Limited Brands – 1-855-770-870
    Limited Brands HR Far East – + 852-2734-4000
    Limited Brands HR UK – +44 (0) 207-557-6670
    Limited Brands head office phone number is 1-614-415-7000.

Employees can even contact through the mail by the address mentioned below:-

Headquarters of L Brands, Inc.

  • Three limited hikes
    Columbus, OH 43230


For more data on positions, profiles, and responsibilities, visit the official site at There is a portal called the ACES ETM Portal that LBrands employees can utilize to obtain data about their payroll, work hours, performance details, direct deposit data, and several other work-related resources.

It solely means that all the LBrands ACES ETM employees can quickly access the ACES ETM Employee Login portal. Sometimes associates are frustrated or cannot get a user ID. The Limited Brands often get requests like this demanding answers to resolve the employee identification problems.

For ACES ETM store associates, their access User ID is the 6 or 7 digit Employee ID number, excluding all the preceding zeros. If employees are a DM and a home office operator, they will require to utilize the network ID and password to log into the ACES ETM Login portal. For more details, contact the reach out to the HR departments for the portal relevant queries.