Recover Data

If Limited Brands ACES employees have lost their registered account password or cannot remember it, they can easily contact Stores Technology Services (STS) at 1-877-415-7911 during business hours. In this case, the company offers an option for the rest of the password at the official site of LBrands ACES ETM.

At the official site of the ACES ETM Employee Login portal, employees can change the forgotten login credentials. Follow the directions on the official site to reset the password by the procedure mentioned hereby. Here are the instructions for resetting the ACES ETM password.

The employee must look for the I forgot my password link. Employees can quickly find this alternative on the login page along with on-screen instructions. As there is a video employee can watch it and after that click on the link. The ACES ETM official website will take employees to the new page where they can reset the access code.

Employees can complete the password reset form at the official site to initiate the process of resetting the password. Employees must first enter their ACES ETM user ID in the primary section.

Enter the SSN or NAS number by entering 16 digits of the NAS ID or SSN. Make certain that the entered numbers are legitimate and valid in the official servers.

The ACES ETM password reset page will be redirected to the new tab where the employee can enter the new password. Representatives can enter the new password and confirm it by entering it again in the second column.

Certainly, employees require to insert the Submit tab.

Employees can also call STS (Store Technology Service). They can be contacted at 1.877.415.7911. This way, the official delegates of the LBrands ACES can form a new password if they lose their older one.

The most prominent issue faced with the ACES ETM Account login process is that employees are certain to forget their registered password. Since employees can easily reset it at the official site of the ACES ETM portal.